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Key Control Systems

keytrol.jpg Gasboy Electronic Keytrol (10 Key) Base System Price: $3,906.00
Designed to maintain 24-hour fuel management control - this unique system “locks the door” on lost revenues, and “opens the door” to unrealized efficiency and savings.


  • Simple, periodic readings of the position totalizers provide an accurate record of the assigned keyholders product use.
  • The master console can hold up to 50 lock-totalizer positions, while auxiliary 50-position consoles can be easily added to the extent required.
  • Lock-totalizers, which record product usage, are assembled in expandable modules of 5 and 10 for efficient installation.
  • Authorized users - such as individuals, departments, or vehicles - are assigned an uncommon security type key specifically designed to work with the system.
  • Units can be installed with all models of mechanical pumps, as well as with other electric consumer transfer pumps.
  • Volume delivered is accurately recorded in tenths of a gallon.
Updated 1/8/2017