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GPI M-150S/ M-180S/ M-240S DC Gear Pump Parts

GPI110504-1.jpg GPI 110504-1 Overhaul kit SKU: 110504-1 Price: $51.00
Overhual Kit for M-150, M-180, M-240, M-1100 series pumps. Kit includes the following:
  • Motor Shaft seal
  • Strainer Cover o-ring
  • Gearplate cover o-ring
  • Bypass poppet o-ring
  • Switch plate cover o-ring
  • 2 Gears
  • Drive Key
GPI119000-1.jpg GPI 11900001 M-150S Replacement 12V DC Motor SKU: 119000-01 Price: $155.00
Replacement motor for M150S 12V DC pump
GPI110277-05.jpg GPI 110277-05 M-150 Switch Kit w/ Breaker SKU: 110277-05 Price: $27.88
GPI133263-1.jpg GPI 133263-1 Battery Clamp Kit SKU: 133263-1 Price: $23.30
Heavy Duty Battery Clamps
GPI110929-1.jpg GPI 110929-1 Power Cord Kit, SKU: 110929-1 Price: $35.50
Power Cord Kit, 22 ft., 12/2 AWG
GPI119000-1.jpg GPI 119001-51 M-180S Replacement 12V DC Motor SKU: 119001-51 Price: $188.94
RF-400.jpg OPW RF-400 Manual Utility Nozzle Price: $28.07
The OPW RF400 nozzle is designed for use in non retail, commercial, industrial and agriculture use where an automatic nozzle is not needed.
GPI110909-1.jpg GPI 110909-1 Bung Adaptor Bushing Kit SKU: 110909-1 Price: $27.60
Bung Adapter Kit includes 2 inch NPT bung adapter.
GPI110100-1.jpg GPI 110100-1 Telescopic Suction Stub SKU: 110100-1 Price: $33.10
Adjustable Suction Pipe, plastic, 22 to 40 in. (56 to 102 cm).
GPI11081801.jpg GPI 11081801 Security Collar - Aluminum SKU: 11081801 Price: $41.60
Security Collar - Aluminum (Use with GPI M-150S, M-180S or M-1115S models with spin collar)
GPI11080801.jpg GPI 11080801 Plastic Security Collar SKU: 11080801 Price: $23.10
Plastic Security Collar (Use with GPI M-150S, M-180S or M-1115S models with spin collar)