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Moorman Brothers 2-S Horizontal Tank Gauge Parts

Moormann Bros. A-30 Elbow Assy. SKU: A-30 Price: $222.00
A-30 Elbow Assy. complete with A-33 elbow cap, S-24 screws and V-83 gasket
Moormann Bros. A-33 Elbow Cap SKU: A-33 Price: $33.00
A-33 Elbow Cap, S-24 Screws & V-83 Gasket
Moormann Bros. A-36 Observation Case Only Price: $0.00
Moormann Bros. A-36-C Observation Case Complete SKU: A-36-C Price: $0.00
Observation Case Complete(A-34, A-38 & PE2)
Moormann Bros. A-59 Base SKU: A-59 Price: $0.00
Moormann Bros. B-15 Bushing SKU: B-15 Price: $13.00
B-15 Bushing 2" to 1"
Moormann Bros. B-3 Eccentric Cap Set SKU: B-3 Price: $0.00
Includes Eccentric cap, V-85 Gasket and 4ea. S-27-S Screws
Moormann Bros. D-16 Drain Plug SKU: D-16 Price: $10.00
D-16 Drain Plug
Moormann Bros. GS-2 Gasket Set SKU: GS-2 Price: $39.00
Gasket Set Includes:
  • 2 ea. V-83 Elbow Cap Gasket
  • 2 ea. V-81 Observation Case Gasket
  • 1 ea. V-85 Eccentric Cap Gasket
Moormann Bros. LHC-50 Tape (Stainless) SKU: LHC-50 Price: $183.00
Lufkin Stainless Steel High Visibility Replacement Tape
Moormann Bros. PE-2 Parts Envelope SKU: PE-2 Price: $0.00
  • GS-2 Gasket Set
  • V-97 Hook
  • V-86 Observation Case Glass
  • V-94 Observation Case Finger
  • S-28 Observation Case Finger Screw
  • S-12-S Observation Case Screws
  • S-27-S Eccentric Cap Screws
Moormann Bros. S-12-S Observation Case Screws SKU: S-12-S Price: $0.00
Set of 4
Moormann Bros. S-27-S Eccentric Cap Screw SKU: S-27-S Price: $6.07
Set of 4
Moormann Bros. T-4 Collar SKU: T-4 Price: $0.00
Moormann Bros. V-75 Float (Aluminum) SKU: V-75 Price: $180.00
V-75 Standard float with V-93 Clamp for petroleum products
Moormann Bros. V-75-S Float (Stainless Steel) SKU: V-75-S Price: $470.00
V-75-S Stainless Steel Float with V-93 Clamp for use in chemical applications
Moormann Bros. V-75-S-V Float (Stainless Vented) SKU: V-75-S-V Price: $500.00
V-75-S Stainless Steel Float with V-93 Clamp, vented for use in heated product applications
Moormann Bros. V-93 Tape Clamp SKU: V-93 Price: $17.00
V-93 Tape Clamp with Screws and Nuts
Moormann Bros. V-97 Hook SKU: V-97 Price: $0.00
Moormann Bros. A-32 Counterweight Assy. SKU: A-32 Price: $0.00