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Bottom Loading Equipment

ebw880-403.jpg EBW 880-403-01 API Dust Cover SKU: 880-403-01 Price: $95.00

This lightweight, API Dust Cap shields valuable bottom loading valves from destructive outside elements. The cap easily couples on all EBW valves and API bottom loading adaptors using a reliable Buna-N gasket. The corrosion-resistant cap comes with forged brass cam arms and a heavy-duty attachment chain.

EBW880-404.jpg EBW 880-404-01 API Bottom Loading Adaptor SKU: 880-404-01 Price: $350.00

Faster fueling is what this bottom loading adaptor is all about. A high flow rate with low pressure drop loads the tank quickly, so it's back on the road sooner. Engineered and tested to meet API RP 1004 specifications, it comes complete with a standard 4-inch TTMA flange, a main poppet Viton seal, and two sets of lugs for mounting EBW's Air Interlock Valve. Loading valve only

Ebw880.jpg EBW 880-405-01 API Bottom Loading Valve With Handle SKU: 880-405-01 Price: $400.00

Lighten the load by using one adaptor that does two jobs. Loading is fast and simple. Off- loading is just as easy by coupling with a drop adaptor. Engineered and tested to meet API RP 1004 specifications, the heavy-duty adaptor ensures shock pressure safety. The API outer end is hard-coated aluminum and rotates to prevent uneven wear. Other important features include a standard TTMA 4-inch tank truck flange and mounting lugs for EBW's Air Interlock Valve. Its quick-closing handle rotates 240 degrees and can be opened in three positions using a rack-and-pinion action. The adaptor is compatible with all API dry disconnect couplers, and is available with a removable handle for Canadian applications.

EBW880-411.jpg EBW 880-411-01 4" Male API Drop Adaptor SKU: 880-411-01 Price: $110.00

Let gravity do all the work with these high strength, corrosion-resistant adaptors. A 22 1/2-degree angle makes service station drops a breeze with easy hose coupling and fast, unrestricted off-loading. Engineered to mate with API RP 1004 Bottom Loading Adaptors, each adaptor comes with a heavy-duty attachment chain and uses a large, resilient gasket that guarantees minimum product loss. The lightweight adaptor is available in 4-inch male cam and groove hose end.

EBW880-422.JPG EBW 880-422-01 API Drop Adaptor With Short Stroke Handle SKU: 880-422 Price: $400.00

Loading and off-loading are easier than ever with the two-position short stroke handle featured on this bottom loading adaptor. The quick-closing handle makes all the difference by rotating just 60 degrees and pulling for smoother operation. While loading, a free float poppet design keeps the handle in the closed position as long as the poppet is activated. During off-loading, the handle's two open positions adjust the flow rate. The lightweight, heavy-duty adaptor is engineered and tested to meet API RP 1004 specifications. The outer end is hardcoated aluminum and rotates to prevent uneven wear sometimes caused by terminal and off- loading couplings. Compatible with all API dry disconnect couplers. The adaptor is constructed with a standard TTMA 4-inch tank truck flange and mounting lugs for EBW Air Interlock Valve.