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PIUSI Fleet Management

F00597500.jpg PIUSI MC Box 1.5 Fluid Monitoring System SKU: F00597500 Price: $1,500.00
The newly developed MC Box 1.5 is ETL/cETL certified for operation in potentially hazardous environments. This economical fleet management system can manage up to 60 or 120 users, based on soft ware version. Data is transferred via gray master manager i-butt on key with a 650 transaction capacity. Configuration is done via PC with the Self Service Software (required).


  • Set up, monitoring, and reporting done from your PC.
  • Sliding front cover protects the display from wind and rain.
  • Intuitive dashboard for fleet management.
  • Lockable front panel for added security.

* Complete 1.5 management system requires: MC Box 1.5, Self Service 1.5 software (Standard or Professional), Gray Manager Key (R20552000), and Key Reader (F12262010) listed below.

F00772420.jpg PIUSI Self Service Software 1.5 Price: $250.00
The new Self Service 1.5 soft ware is specifically designed to work with the cETL approved MC Box 1.5 products. The soft ware will monitor and arrange data for up to 60 or 120 users (depending on software version). Data is transferred manually via master manager i-butt on key (650 transaction data capacity) and key reader. The soft ware includes essential dashboard features, calculated virtual tank monitoring, and all reports and user configurations are done right from your PC.
R20552000.jpg PIUSI MC Box 1.5 Grey Managers Key Price: $35.00
Required to transfer data from the MC Box 1.5 to the Host PC.
F12262010.jpg PIUSI MC Box 1.5 Key Reader SKU: F12262010 Price: $75.00
Required to transfer data to and from the Grey Managers Key.
F14144040.jpg PIUSI MC Box User Key Set (10 Keys) SKU: R15904000 Price: $67.00
For added Security you may choose to issue individual user keys. 10 Yellow keys to a box
F00597030.jpg PIUSI MC Box 2.0 Large Fleet Management System SKU: F00597030 Price: $1,850.00
The ETL/cETL Certified MC Box 2.0 Management System is designed for large fleet management, with software that can supervise, monitor, and coordinate up to 1000 users, and up to 12 MC Box units. The intuitive dashboard shows you tank levels, customized user profiles, fuel consumption data per vehicle, and more. Optimize your fuel management today with the MC Box 2.0 and Self Service 2.0 software.


  • Setup, monitoring and reporting done from your PC.
  • Intuitive dashboard panel shows you what’s going on at a glance.
  • Continuously monitors current tank levels.
  • Monitor, control, and limit drivers & vehicles from your PC.
  • Create customized reports & graphs that show you the details of each tank, liquid, vehicle, or driver that your company manages.

Corresponding Self Service software is required.

F00742040mi3.jpg PIUSI Self Service FM 2.0 Suction Pump Price: $5,000.00
The Self Service FM Dispenser for managing the transfer of diesel fuel. A sturdy, robust tower with digital front display panel and keyboard houses a high capacity vane pump capable of up to 30 GPM. Manages up to 120 users through i-button keys applied directly to the front panel. Sliding cover protects the front from weather damage. This system introduces a ticket printer for printing data receipts to accurately keep track of your diesel transfers. It also comes equipped with an A60 automatic nozzle and 13 ft. of dispensing hose. Now you can dispense, manage, and transfer fuel to your entire fleet with just one dispensing system!


  • 30 GPM E120 diesel transfer pump
  • Digital display
  • Management system
  • Ticket printer
  • 13 ft. of dispensing hose
  • Automatic A120 nozzle
  • Up to 120 users
  • Additional Self Service 2.0 fuel management software is required, which allows the dispensing data to be exported to and viewed on a PC.
  • Free Freight
F00594230mi5.jpg PIUSI Cube 70 MC 2.0 Suction Pump (LAN) SKU: F00596200 Price: $2,226.00
The Piusi Cube 70 MC 2.0 Fuel Management Systems is compact, easy to install diesel suction pump for private use, which ensures fast and precise dispensing by authorized personnel. The Cube 70 MC 2.0 comes standard with a nozzle holder, automatic nozzle, internal diesel transfer pump (capable of up to 15 GPM) and electronic meter.


  • 15 GPM diesel transfer pump
  • Digital display
  • Management system
  • 13 ft. of dispensing hose
  • Automatic A60 nozzle
  • Up to 120 users
  • Self Service software required
  • Wi-Fi upgrade available
F00772010.jpg PIUSI Self Service Software 2.0 Price: $1,120.00
The new Self Service 2.0 Management software is the most advanced response for management and monitoring of refueling. The software allows you to supervise your drivers, vehicles and fuel tanks. Setting up the system and getting to work has never been easier: simply connect the devices to your LAN or Wi-Fi network and click on the "Detect System" button on your PC. Self Service Management 2.0 will handle the rest. Self Service Management 2.0 is available in a broad range of versions developed to meet all your needs, from small systems, to the largest installations. The software is optimized to provide the perfect response for those seeking high performance and maximum productivity.