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PIUSI Fuel Meters

F00570510.jpg PIUSI K33 ATEX Mechanical Meter 1" SKU: F00570510 Price: $128.00
The K33 is a new mechanical meter for accurate measuring of gasoline, kerosene and diesel. It meets the ATEX requirements, related to the use of materials in potentially explosive environments. It is reliable, economical, easy to install and can be calibrated on-site. Furthermore, it can perform well under gravity fed applications thanks to the low flow resistance. The K33 ATEX meter can be installed in both rigid and flexible pipes or directly onto pumps and tanks.


000710000.jpg PIUSI K44 Mechanical Meter 1" SKU: 000710000 Price: $117.20
K44 Mechanical meters designed to measure the exact quantity of dispensed liquid (fuel or lubricant) for non-commercial use. Reliable, economical, and easy to install and calibrate on site. Also gravity functional thanks to reduced resistance to flow. Capable of handling 5 - 32 GPM flow rates. 4 digit partial totals (max 999.9 gallons), 7 digit totals


F00540050.jpg PIUSI K700M Mechanical Meter 1 1/2" SKU: F00540050 Price: $594.10
K700 M Meters are oval gear mechanical flow meters designed for accurate measuring of the quantity of fuel dispensed for medium to high flow rates. These flow meters are reliable, economical and easy to install. The sturdy body and the mechanical display system allow you to use the flow meter in particularly demanding environments.


F00408U00.jpg PIUSI K24 Series Electronic Flow Meter 1" Price: $128.00
These digital turbine meters have taken the trustworthy K24 meter line to the next level! Now available for multiple fuels, these meters still incorporate the 360° (degree) rotatable face and inline turbine. However, they are now made with a robust aluminum housing and compatible with Diesel, Gasoline (up to E85), Kerosene, Avgas 100/100LL, Jet A/A1, and Aspen 2/4!


F0048000A.jpg PIUSI K400 Oval Gear Meter For Diesel 1/2" Price: $99.80
The K400 series of oval gear electronic flow meters and oval gear pulse meters for controlling the dispensing of lubricating oils and diesel. Built with aluminum bodied measuring chamber. The operating principle of the oval gears allows for a high degree of accuracy and reduced loss of pressure when measuring.

The new K400 can be used either in-line on hoses, or on the nozzle, for instantaneous measuring of the fluid dispensed.

F00491040mi4.jpg PIUSI K600 B/3 Flow and Pulse Meters for Diesel 1" and Oil 3/4" Price: $368.00
Piusi K600 B/3 meters are aluminum bodied with acetal resin oval gears. These flow meters are used for controlling the non-retail dispensing of low, medium and high viscosity fluids. These meters are easy to install and calibrate. Also available is the K600 B/3 pulse meter which provides a simple interface for any fuel management system.


F00496A40.jpg PIUSI K600/3 Oval Gear Meters for Diesel 1" and Oil 3/4" Price: $193.50
K600/3 Oval gear electronic flow and pulse meters in acetal resin for controlling the non-commercial dispensing of low, medium and high viscosity fluids including fuel, lubricating oil and other special fluids compatible with construction materials.
F0049701A.jpg PIUSI K600/4 Oval Gear Meters for Diesel 1 1/2" Price: $401.00
K600/4 series of digital flow and pulse meters for measuring and recording the quantity of diesel dispensed. Easily installed and calibrated, these meters are composed of an aluminum body and acetal resin oval gears. Digital display records the amount of liquid transferred.
F0049801A.jpg PIUSI K700 Meter Pulser 2" SKU: F0049801A Price: $807.90
2" Oval gear electronic flow meter pulser in acetal resin for controlling the non-commercial dispensing of low, medium and high viscosity fluids compatible with construction materials. 6.6 - 66 GPM for Diesel