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PIUSI Pitstop Compact Diesel Dispensing Unit

F00212020.jpg PIUSI Pitstop All-in-One Compact Diesel Dispensing Unit SKU: F00212020 Price: $1,300.00
On-Site Refueling System

The Pitstop DC is a turnkey solution for on-site refueling at long distances. A complete dual pump unit with a 50 ft. hose reel allows for flexibility when the fuel source is inaccessible by a conventional pump system. All mounted on a robust cast iron frame, the Pitstop DC is a symbol of durability. Each of its components is specifically designed for longevity under vigorous conditions.

Included in the Pitstop DC:

  • 50 ft. hose reel
  • Side safety guards
  • Adjustable arms with end-of-travel hose stop
  • Diesel hose interior Ø 3/4"
  • Conveniently located On/Off switch
  • Automatic nozzle with swivel
  • Two 12V DC BP 3000 pumps which together deliver up to 18 GPM
  • Sturdy metal supporting structure
  • Cables
  • Upon request: PIUSI water absorption filter cartridge
  • Upon request: PIUSI K24 digital turbine meter