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Liquidynamics DEF Gravity Flow Kits

950392.gif Liquidynamics DEF 950392 Filtered Vent with RSV Coupler SKU: 950392 Price: $237.00
950391.gif Liquidynamics DEF 950391 Filtered Vent with 2” Buttress Fitting SKU: 950391 Price: $39.00
950390-12M.gif Liquidynamics DEF 950390-12 Gravity Flow Dispensing Kit SKU: 950390 Price: $99.00
Gravity flow dispensing kit for use with 275 and 330 gallon IBC totes. Kit has 2” poly NPTF adapter to allow connection to bottom of IBC tote tank, 3/4” x 12’ or 25' EPDM hose and manual shutoff nozzle.
NOTE: Use P/N 950391 or 950392 vent kits to allow filtered air into tote as fluid is being drained.
UPDATED 12/11/16