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Absorbents- Oil and Hazardous Liquids


For more than 30 years, SpillTech has manufactured and offered distributors high-tech sorbents and spill control products for helping industry maintain a cleaner, safer workplace environment. By building technology into every product, SpillTech has developed an exclusive line of high-performance sorbents for almost any leak or spill application.
Our latest catalog features a complete family of innovative mat products. You'll find walk-on mats with extra grip and absorbency to keep floors dry and safe, soft mats ideal for wiping or lining tables, oil-only mats for dealing with large spills on water in fact, whatever the situation, SpillTech technology has developed a mat for every customer need.
Other high-quality sorbent products include socks, pillows, pans, drum top pads, booms, and spill kits. In addition to our sorbent line, we offer a wide variety of spill containment products including pallets, decks, blockers and funnels.