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Driveway Signal Bells

Amflosignalbell.jpg Driveway Signal Bell SKU: BP-1515A Price: $116.28
Ding! Ding!
Bell rings when car passes over hose. Just plug into any 110-volt outlet, attach hose and arrange hose on driveway. Steel construction for years of reliable service.
Don't forget to order some hose and an anchor fitting!
Amflosignalbellhose.jpg Driveway Signal Bell Hose SKU: BP-1524 Price: $1.70
Driveway signal bell hose

3/8" black rubber hose

Available in lengths up to 500'. Measure from bell location across drive area. No returns on cut items.

Don't forget the Hose Anchor!

Remember to enter the number of feet of hose in quantity box below.

Amflohoseanchor.jpg Driveway Signal Bell Hose Anchor SKU: BP-1520 Price: $35.75
Hose Anchor

Heavy Duty Cast Iron

Place at the end of driveway signal bell hose and anchor to the pavement. Plugs off the hose end for bell operation and keeps the hose where you want it. Comes with one hose clamp.

remotesw.gif Driveway Signal Bell Remote Air Switch SKU: BP-1517B Price: $107.25
Remote Air Switch with Weather-Tite Enclosure

Great for restaurant's, Bank's or environments that require a gentle reminder. Locate the remote air switch, run driveway signal bell across drive area and wire the air switch to a doorbell chime.

amflowye.jpg Driveway Signal Bell Hose Splitter ( Y Type) SKU: BP-1521 Price: $12.52
This handy hose splitter lets you use a single bell or signal switch for multiple locations. Simply attach the single end so that it runs to the bell or signal switch. Attach the other ends to the hoses you want to get a signal on. Three of these can be used to get a signal at four different locations. This is a handy and inexpensive solution to a common problem.
amflosplice.jpg Driveway Signal Bell Hose Splicer SKU: BP-1522 Price: $10.22
This hose splicer connects two ends of hose. Includes two clamps.