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18010 Remanufactured Veeder-Root VR-10 Computer Price: $944.27
The Remanufactured VR-10 Mechanical Gasoline Pump Computer provides transaction capability at prices up to $9.999-per-gallon and total sale capacity up to $999.99.
$392.85 Core Credit upon return of VR-10 or 2002E core exchange.
Your net cost is $551.42
12002 Remanufactured Veeder-Root 2002E $2.999 Mechanical Computer Price: $939.93
$392.85 Core Credit upon return of like-for-like exchange.
Your net cost is $547.08

The 2002E Computer is a completely remanufactured unit.
All computers come with a one year replacement warranty from the date of remanufacture.

13005 Remanufactured Veeder-Root 101 4 Wheel Non-Computer Price: $606.30
$147.32 core credit upon return of like-for-like core.
Your net cost is $458.98

Remanufactured non-computers are available for all types of commercial pumps

81020 Veeder-Root VR-10 Gear Stack SKU: 81020 Price: $36.69
81010 Veeder-Root $3.999 Upgrade kit for 2002E Computers SKU: 81010 Price: $25.37
For use when the price per gallon exceeds $2.999. Allows price posting up to $3.999
early production 2002E computers do not have the required stud (see photo) and cannot be converted.
Kit consists of the following:
  • 2 $3 Decals
  • 1 Compound Idler Gear
  • 1 Washer 5/8"
  • 2 Cotter Pins
  • 1 washer 5/16"
  • Installation Instructions
81050 Bennett Computer Gear Train SKU: 81050 Price: $140.29
$58.93Core Credit will be issued upon return of like-for-like exchange unit.
Your net cost $81.36
UPDATED 5/6/24