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Liquidynamics DEF Hand Pumps

560008V-S1A.gif Liquidynamics DEF 560008V-S1 Lever Action Piston Pump Price: $382.00
Economy lever action piston pump system without a cart is designed to maintain product integrity. System includes:
System includes:
  • Lever action piston pump with RSV coupler
  • Poly Manual or Automatic Discharge Nozzle
  • 3/4”x 12' Discharge & Pump Connection Hose
  • Stainless steel Micro Matic closure system
560008V-S2A.gif Liquidynamics DEF 560008V-S2 Economical Hand Pump System Price: $282.00
New economical DEF hand pump system uses a 4 key poly coupler that mates with standard 4 key RSV stainless steel or RPV poly valves to maintain closed system DEF product integrity per ISO 22242 specifications. This system can be used with any DEF drum or IBC tote that is provided with a 4 key valve on board. Lever action hand pump provides approximately 12 strokes per gallon.
System includes:
  • Lever action piston pump with RPV Coupler
  • Poly Manual or Automatic Discharge Nozzle
  • 3/4”x 12' Discharge & Pump Connection Hose
  • RPV 4 key Coupler
560008V-S3AP-55.gif Liquidynamics DEF 560008V-S3 Complete Hand Pump System Price: $341.00
Complete DEF hand pump system includes everything you need to outfit your 55 gallon DEF drum that was supplied to you without a suction tube or drum valve.
System includes:
  • Lever action piston pump with poly RPV coupler
  • 3/4" x 12' discharge hose
  • Poly Manual or Auto shutoff nozzle
  • RPV 4 key coupler
  • RPV 4 key valve
  • Suction tube to fit 55 Drum or 275 or 330 gallon IBC Tote Containers
560008V-12M.gif Liquidynamics DEF 560008V-12 Telescoping Suction Pipe Hand Pump Price: $158.00
Lever action piston hand pump with telescoping suction pipe to fit 55 gallon drum, includes 3/4” x 12’ discharge hose and manual shutoff nozzle with trigger lock, approx. 12 strokes/gallon.
560008V.gif Liquidynamics DEF 560008V Industrial Chemical Hand Pump SKU: 560008V Price: $73.00
Polypropylene piston pump uses viton seals for use with various industrial chemicals such as mild acids, methyl ethyl ketone, DEF fluid and similar fluids. Complete with telescoping suction pipe to fit drums up to 55 gallon. Approx. 12 strokes/gal.
10035.gif Liquidynamics DEF 10035 Rotary Hand Pump SKU: 10035 Price: $243.00
This Rotary Hand Pump is constructed of stainless steel and heavy duty polymers and is specifically designed for use with DEF, water and antifreeze. The pump kit includes a 3/4” x 8’ discharge hose, 37” long sectional suction tube and discharge spout cap. Pump has a discharge capacity of 10 gallons per 100 revolutions and features an inlet check valve to maintain pump prime.
10031.gif Liquidynamics DEF 10031 Pitcher Pump SKU: 10031 Price: $124.00
Polypropylene construction with nitrile seals and stainless steel piston shaft which allows use with water, water based chemicals, mild acids and mild alkali solutions as well as oils. Approx. 16 strokes/gal.
UPDATED 12/11/16