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Liquidynamics DEF Nozzles and Meters

100389A.gif Liquidynamics DEF 100389A Automatic Nozzle with 3/4” BSP Female Inlet Threads SKU: 100389A Price: $232.00
Stainless Steel Automatic Nozzle with 3/4” BSP female inlet threads.
100389M.gif Liquidynamics DEF 100389M Manual Nozzle with 3/4” BSP Female Inlet Threads SKU: 100389M Price: $53.00
Manual poly discharge nozzle with 3/4” hose barb and manual trigger lock.
100389PA.gif Liquidynamics DEF 100389PA Poly Automatic Shutoff Nozzle w/ SS spout SKU: 100389PA Price: $160.00
Poly automatic shutoff nozzle w/ SS spout has 1” BSPM inlet and supplied with 3/4” hose barb inlet. Provides an economical auto shutoff solution for DEF applications.
100396.jpg Liquidynamics DEF 100396 Automatic Nozzle with 1” BSP Male Inlet SKU: 100396 Price: $228.00
All poly construction automatic shutoff nozzle has 1” BSP male inlet and includes a 3/4” hose barb inlet fitting. Nozzle is lightweight and easy to handle, flow rate up to 9 GPM.
100398.gif Liquidynamics DEF 100398 Automatic Nozzle and Meter Combination SKU: 100398 Price: $415.00
This ergonomic, all poly construction automatic nozzle and meter combination is compact, lightweight and offers improved reliability for handling DEF. Has 1” male BSP inlet and is supplied with a 3/4” hose barb for easy connection.
100386.gif Liquidynamics DEF 100386 In Line Electronic Digital Turbine Meter SKU: 100386 Price: $211.00
In Line Electronic Digital Turbine Meter,1” BSPP male threads.
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