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Duro Enclosures

These reel enclosures are great for keeping your hose out of the way and looking good. They can be mounted separate or together to achieve multi-hose banks

Duro 1900 Ceiling Mount Dual Enclosed reel
Duro 1900 Ceiling Mount Dual Enclosed reel
Duro 1900 Ceiling Mount Quad Enclosured Reels
Duro_Type1.jpg Duro Type 1 Fiberglass Enclosure for use with 1400 Series(without reel) SKU: Type 1 Price: $436.00 $399.00
Duro_Type2.jpg Duro Type 2 Fiberglass Enclosure for use with 1200 & 1300 Series(without reel) SKU: Type 2 Price: $514.00 $471.00
Duro_Type3.jpg Duro Type 3 Fiberglass Enclosure two 1200 1300 or 1400 / All Models 1500 and 3001 3011 (without reel) SKU: 3 Price: $705.00 $645.00
Duro Hose Reel Mounting Plates Duro Series EP Mounting Plates (Enclosure) Price: $99.00 $91.00
For use with standard 1400, heavy duty 1200, 1300 or 2500 series reels.
Mounting Plates for 19-1 Series Enclosure. Made to attach to I-Beam. Acts as the Base for 19 Series Enclosures.
For more than six enclosures, use combination of plates.
Note: The (EP) plates listed here come with the (MC) I beam channel welded to them.
Duro Hose Reel I-Beam Mounting Channel Duro MC-1 I-Beam Mount Channel SKU: MC-1 Price: $49.00 $45.00
Attaches Mounting Plates to I-Beams up to 8". Two needed for mounting a single reel.
Updated 1/31/2017