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Duro 3350 Power Rewind Dual Hose Reels 1/4" - 1 1/2"

The Duro 3350 Power Rewind Hose Reels are ideal when two hoses of equal length are needed on one reel spool. These reels are heavy duty, and made with all welded steel frame. They also have many motor options: AC Explosion Proof 1/2 HP 12V motor, DC Explosion Proof 1/2 HKP 12V, and Air Motor. To make sure you get the right reel for you needs please refer to our 3350 Hose Capacity Chart and Sizing Chart.
Duro 3300 Power Rewind Dual Hose Reel Duro Series 3350 Power Rewind Double Spool Hose Reel (Less Hose) (Add Motor) Price: $924.00 $846.00
When two hoses of equal size and length are required on one reel spool. Each hose has its own inlet swivel and rewinds on a divided spool.
Updated 1/31/2017