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Gilbarco Advantage Pump Skins and Graphics

Lakeland/GB_A3426-A00.jpg Gilbarco A3426-A00 Inner Column Sheath (Brushed Stainless) SKU: A3426-A00 Price: $99.81
Item # 1
Lakeland/GB_A3426-A05.jpg Gilbarco A3426-A05 Outer Column Sheath (Brushed Stainless) SKU: A3426-A05 Price: $213.50
Item # 2
Lakeland/GB_A3428-A10.jpg Gilbarco A3426-A10 Lower Door 48" frame (Brushed Stainless) SKU: A3426-A10 Price: $144.92
Item #3
Lakeland/GB_A3428-A10.jpg Gilbarco A3426-A20 Lower Door 48" frame (Primed) SKU: A3426-A20 Price: $93.41
Item #3A
Lakeland/GB_A3428-A16.jpg Gilbarco A3426-A15 Lower Door 36" frame (Brushed Stainless) SKU: A3426-A15 Price: $134.88
Item #4
Lakeland/GB_A3428-A16.jpg Gilbarco A3426-A25 Lower Door 36" frame (Primed) SKU: A3426-A25 Price: $77.90
Item #4A
Gilbarco A3426-A30 Advantage Door Latch SKU: A3426-A30 Price: $2.75
Not Shown
Lakeland/GB_A3426-A35.jpg Gilbarco A3426-A35 Valance 48" frame (Primed) SKU: A3426-A35 Price: $262.52
Item #5
K93686-G1.jpg Gilbarco K93686-G1 Advantage Wide Frame Main Sale Lens and Gasket Kit SKU: K93686-G1 Price: $37.44
Replacement lens for Advantage wide frame dispensers.
Uses T18783 Series or T50115 Optimized Series overlays
R19246.jpg Gilbarco R19246-02 Advantage Narrow Frame Main Sale Lens SKU: R19246-02 Price: $28.42
Advantage replacement lens for norrow frame dispensers.
Uses T18835 or T50121 Overlays.
PIT1763502.jpg Gilbarco T17635-02 Advantage PPU Lens with Recessed area SKU: T17635-02 Price: $38.84
Advantage series replacement lens for PPU recessed area with Push To Start buttons on the overlays.
Uses R19431 or R19432 series overlays
PIT17635G1.jpg Gilbarco T17635-G1 Advantage PPU Lens with Filler Plate for Recessed SKU: T17635-G1 Price: $38.84
Advantage series replacement lens for PPU recessed area with Lift To Start or Soda Buttons
Uses R19431 or R19432 series overlays
T17774-04.jpg Gilbarco T17774-04 Wide Frame PPU Lens 33.25" x 1.25" SKU: T17774-04 Price: $23.14
Gilbarco N22945-01 Adv, Single Line Crind Lense SKU: N22945-01 Price: $11.90