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Moormann Brothers 7-S Vertical Gauge Parts

For All Vertical Tanks Up To & Including 35 Feet MOORMANN7SPARTS.JPG

Material supplied by customer
  1. Gauge Housing Base Support.
  2. 1" Galvanized Pipe (cut to length).
  3. Tank Roof Flange.
  4. 2" Tank Opening.
  5. 2" Galvanized Pipe (cut to length).
  6. 1" Galvanized Nipple (any length).
  7. 1" Galvanized Union
Moormann Bros. A-30 Elbow Assy. SKU: A-30 Price: $222.00
A-30 Elbow Assy. complete with A-33 elbow cap, S-24 screws and V-83 gasket
Moormann Bros. A-33 Elbow Cap SKU: A-33 Price: $33.00
A-33 Elbow Cap, S-24 Screws & V-83 Gasket
Moormann Bros. B-15 Bushing SKU: B-15 Price: $13.00
B-15 Bushing 2" to 1"
Moormann Bros. D-16 Drain Plug SKU: D-16 Price: $10.00
D-16 Drain Plug
Moormann Bros. GS-7 Gasket Set SKU: GS-7 Price: $37.00
GS-7 Gasket Set contains:
  • V-83 elbow cap gaskets (2)
  • v-81 Observation Case gasket
  • V-82 Observation Case gasket
  • V-84 Eccentric cap gasket
Moormann Bros. PE-7 Parts Envelope SKU: PE-7 Price: $45.00
PE-7 Parts Envelope contains
  • GS-7 complete gasket set
  • V-86 observation case glass
  • V-94 observation case finger
  • S-28 observation case finger screw
  • S-24-S observation case screws (4)
  • V-96-S Pins (4)
Moormann Bros. V-49 Tape SKU: V-49 Price: $303.00
V-49 Tape (Standard)
Moormann Bros. V-49-M Metric Tape SKU: V-49-M Price: $355.00
V-49 Tape (Metric)
Moormann Bros. V-71 Eccentric Cap. SKU: V-71 Price: $112.00
V-71 Eccentric Cap with V-84 Gasket and S-26-V-S Screws and nuts (8)
Moormann Bros. V-72 Counterweights SKU: V-72 Price: $118.00
V-72 Counterweights (set of 2)
Moormann Bros. V-73 Pully Rack Assy. SKU: V-73 Price: $168.00
V-73 Pully Rack Assy.
Moormann Bros. V-75 Float (Aluminum) SKU: V-75 Price: $180.00
V-75 Standard float with V-93 Clamp for petroleum products
Moormann Bros. V-75-S Float (Stainless Steel) SKU: V-75-S Price: $470.00
V-75-S Stainless Steel Float with V-93 Clamp for use in chemical applications
Moormann Bros. V-75-S-V Float (Stainless Vented) SKU: V-75-S-V Price: $500.00
V-75-S Stainless Steel Float with V-93 Clamp, vented for use in heated product applications
Moormann Bros. V-77 Gauge Housing SKU: V-77 Price: $547.00
V-77 Gauge Housing complete with V-71 eccentric cap, A-34 Frame, A-36 Lid, D-16 Drain Plug and PE-7 Parts envelope.
Moormann Bros. V-93 Tape Clamp SKU: V-93 Price: $17.00
V-93 Tape Clamp with Screws and Nuts
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