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Duro Self Service Air and Water Equipment

DURO self-service equipment has been manufactured since 1968. Experience in this field has given DURO Manufacturing the lead in supplying a variety of methods and cabinet styles, for self-serve equipment. Few, if any, give you a fully automatic controlled system. Cabinets are made from materials such as stainless steel, cast aluminum, heavy gauge steel and paint of powder coat.



  • Dependable DURO REELS
  • Oil-Iess Compressors
  • Lock-Up of Accessories
  • Powder Coat Enamel
  • Heavy Steel Construction
  • Air Gauge and Water Bibb
  • Premium 25 FT Hose Lengths
  • Free Air and Water Service
  • Coin-Operated Air and Water
  • Customized Cabinet Units

duromodel30_jpeg.jpg Duro Series 30 Hose Module (No Compressor) Price: $864.00 $778.00
For use with existing compressor. Heavy gauge steel cabinet for housing one or two hose reels. Good access for making air and water hookup at rear of base. Premium hose with air gauge and water bibb. Split front cover permits locking accessories when not in use. Finished in black powder coat, please specify if other color is required.
duromodel40a.jpg Duro Series 40 Hose Module with Compressor Price: $2,085.00 $1,877.00
Hose reel cabinet and compressor cabinet for self-contained air compressor. Compressor features permanent lube bearings, no oil required. Compressor is wired in conjunction with automatic controls. An oil-less compressor with maximum 100 P.S.I.. All wiring connections at bottom of base.
duromodel93_A.jpg Duro Series 93 Air Genie Compressor, No Hose Reels Price: $1,733.00 $1,560.00
A pressure control switch automatically turns the compressor on and off. The compressor only operates when a demand for air is required. In addition, a three minute timer button must be activated by the user before the compressor will operate. The hose line will maintain 100 P.S.I. for instant air. The coin-op will operate the compressor for five minutes in the same manner.
duro94series.jpg Duro Series 94 Air Genie Deluxe with Compressor Price: $2,233.00 $2,010.00
Duro Model 94 Air Genie Deluxe. Coin-Operated with compressor, pedestal or retractable hose reels.
  • Heavy steel construction.
  • Pedestal mounted.
  • Theft resistant locking assembly.
  • Larger capacity coin box.
  • Adjustable coin accepter up to 15 coins (quarters) and solid state timer up to 15minutes.
  • Premium 25 ft hose, air gauge and radiator bibb included.
  • Durable 3/4 H.P. oil-less compressor operates on demand.
  • Cabinets treated with a powder coat finish to combat against rust.
  • Cabinet color options available.
  • One year warranty.
  • Optional pre-set digital electronic gauge automatically inflates or deflates to recommended tire pressure
duromodel95_CAW.jpg Duro Series 95 Pedestal Air Service with Compressor, No Hose Reels Price: $1,909.00 $1,718.00
Sturdy cabinet with built-in air compressor and automatic controls. Model 40 type cabinet mounted on a heavy 12 x 12 pedestal with complete access at rear. Pedestal stands 33" high, making the unit 45" overall height. Unit comes with 25 feet of wire braided hose with water bibb & air gauge.
duromodel96_98.jpg Duro Sentry Lighting System Series Price: $3,809.00
Tandem 12 foot light pole with LED fixture. Cabinet with hose reels and oil-less compressor.

  • Heavy tandem tabular design.
  • Solid cross members at top and bottom.
  • Finished black enamel or other designated colors.
  • Hold down bolts with base covers.

  • Heavy Steel Construction guards against vandalism.
  • Door for locking hose reels
  • Coin-operated units constructed of heavy steel for coin box safety.
  • Powder coated for additional rust protection

  • Built-in Compressor with Contrader valve for added protection and longevity prevents compressor from overheating.
  • The air hose always maintains pressure at the air gauge
  • Push Button or coin meter activates compressor
  • Timer guards against over work.
duromodel300.jpg Duro Series ET-300 Gravity Retraction with Gravity Hose Retraction, 25' Air & Water Hoses SKU: ET-300 Price: $1,198.00 $1,078.00
Heavy gauge steel with complete accessibility at rear. Twenty five foot air and water hoses. Sign in three inch letters (other options). Anchor bolts, template and base cover included. Easy air and water hook up in base. With or without compressor. Coin operated or free air
Updated 1/31/2017