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Driveway Signal Bell SKU: BP-1515A Price: $89.87
Bell rings when car passes over hose. Just plug into any 110-volt outlet, attach hose and arrange hose on driveway.
MUST be instal1ed inside an enclosure or indoors. This unit is NOT weatherproof. Fasten signal at desired location on inside wall, a minimum of 18" above floor. Connect to 110 volt, 3-wire electric outlet. For best results mount signal with pipe stem pointing down. Drill 5/8" hole thru wall or casing to drive. Attach hose to pipe stem on signal - pass hose through wall and place across or around driveway. Plug far end of hose with anchor or bolt. When joining three hose ends, use only a "Y' fitting, not a common I' pipe connection. All connections, splices, tubing, etc., should have 3/8 i.d. To add a second bell in another location or for installations over 150 ft. send for W.R. Bulletin.
WARNING - Risk of Explosion. This Equipment Has Internal Arcing or Sparking Parts Which Should Not Be Exposed To Flammable Vapor. This Equipment Should Be Located At Least 460 mm (18 Inches) Above The Floor.
This product is warranted for a period of two years from the date of manufacture stamped on the back of each unit.