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SpillTech Mats, Pads & Rolls

SpillTech Mat Selection Guide
At SpillTech, we manufacture a broad assortment of Mats each created through a distinctive process. Different manufacturing processes create particular strengths in each Mat to make one better than another for use in specific applications.
To help you select the right Mat for your application, it's important to assess your current situation. Ask yourself these questions: What liquids do I deal with on a daily basis? Do I have to worry about hazardous liquids? Will I be removing oil from water surfaces? Do I need Mat that will stand up to heavy foot traffic, or forklift traffic?
By taking a good look at how you'll use the Mat, you'll be better prepared to match the right SpillTech Mat to your specific application.
Use this chart to quickly scan the varieties of Mat available, and then click the link referenced on the left to find out more information about a specific Mat.
MeltBlown Mat SonicBonded Mat AirLaid Mat MultiLaminate Mat FineFiber Mat Survivor Mat