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LiquiDynamics Oil Pumps (Electric)

The LiquiDynamics family of Electric Oil Pumps is designed to provide an effective alternative solution to pumping viscous fluids such as engine and gear oil as well as non-viscous fluid, such as hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid and 100% (non-mixed) antifreeze.
Available models include the ability to operate "on demand" when the discharge valve is opened and then shut-off automatically when the discharge valve is closed 3/4" NPTF inlet x 1/ 2" NPTF outlet (3/4" outlet, model70)
Advantages to using Electric Oil Pumps include; air compressor not required, quiet operation, non-pulsating flow for improved metering and reduced maintenance.

33221.jpg LiquiDynamics 33221 Electric Oil Pump 170 psi 2.5 gpm SKU: 33221 Price: $601.00
A great choice for use in transfer of medium and high viscosity fluids up to 2,000 centistoke. Maximum discharge pressure of 170 PSI with full bypass at 240 PSI. Uses specially designed steel gears for efficient and quiet transfer of fluids such as engine oils, gear oils, etc. Manual on/off switch integrated into electrical connection box.
33221S1.jpg LiquiDynamics 33221-S1 Electric Spigot Oil Pump System, Horizontal Mount, w/ o Pressure Switch 170 psi 2.5 gpm SKU: 33221-S1 Price: $724.00
Versatile horizontal mount system has excellent priming capability. Ideal for use with deep tanks and wall mount systems. Inlet fitting is 3/4” NPTF.
33221S3.jpg LiquiDynamics 33221-S3 Electric Spigot Oil Pump System, Vertical Mount, w/ o Pressure Switch 170 psi 2.5 gpm SKU: 33221-S3 Price: $816.00
Vertical mount system includes 3.0 GPM electric pump, spigot, 2” double tap, 1”x30” suction pipe and foot valve. Ideal for use with 55 gallon drums and bench tanks.
33221.jpg LiquiDynamics 33222 Electric Oil Pump 325 psi 4 gpm SKU: 33222 Price: $1,004.00
Same design as P/N 33221 but utilizes a 2.0 HP motor for additional pressure and flow rate capability. Will pump up to 4.0 GPM with pressure up to 325 PSI and is rated for continuous operation. For use with fluids up to 2,000 centistoke.
33223.jpg LiquiDynamics 33223 20 GPM High Volume Oil Transfer Pump SKU: 33222 Price: $1,817.00
Pump is ideal for transferring larger quantities of light weight oil (up to 165 cps), hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid and antifreeze including 50/50. The bronze construction allows this pump to be used for bulk transfer of premix antifreeze as well as other water based fluids.

Pump system includes 2 HP 115/230 VAC motor, 20 GPM pump w/1” NPTF inlet/outlet, 30 mesh inlet strainer, heavy duty rotary ON/OFF switch and 25’ of 12 gauge, 3 wire grounded power cord.

If this pump is intended for applications where the discharge flow can be shut off, a bypass valve must be installed to prevent pump and/or motor damage. Order P/N 950057 separately (shown below) for this purpose. Bypass flow should be directed back into tank to prevent fluid and pump from overheating.

Note: Use for pumping non-flammable fluids.

33250.jpg LiquiDynamics 33250 Electric Oil Pump 80 psi, 7 gpm SKU: 33250 Price: $601.00
This high flow pump has an adjustable bypass for pressures up to 80 PSI and is ideal for transferring larger quantities of light oils, hydraulic and transmission fluids, 100% antifreeze and similar fluids over short distances. Manual on/off switch, 115 VAC motor with short extension cord and plug for easy connection.
UPDATED 12/15/16