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LiquiDynamics Oil Pumps (Electric)


The Viscomat family of Electric Oil Pumps is designed to provide an effective alternative solution to pumping viscous fluids such as engine and gear oil as well as non-viscous fluid, such as hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid and 100% (non-mixed) antifreeze.
Available models include the ability to operate "on demand" when the discharge valve is opened and then shut-off automatically when the discharge valve is closed 3/4" NPTF inlet x 1/ 2" NPTF outlet (3/4" outlet, model70)
Advantages to using Electric Oil Pumps include; air compressor not required, quiet operation, non-pulsating flow for improved metering and reduced maintenance.

LD33221.jpg LiquiDynamics 33221 Viscomat Electric Oil Pump (115 vac) SKU: 33221 Price: $788.00 $656.67
Model 200/2 3.0 gpm, 170 psi Max, Manual shut-off. 240 psi by-pass, 15 amps, 1.2 HP.
LD33241.jpg LiquiDynamics 33222 Viscomat Electric Oil Pump (115 vac) SKU: 33222 Price: $1,364.00 $1,136.67
Model 300/2 4.8 gpm, 230 psi Max, Manual shut-off. 325 psi by-pass, 13 amps, 2 HP.
LD33250mi.jpg LiquiDynamics 33250 Viscomat Electric Oil Pump (115 vac) SKU: 33250 Price: $842.00 $701.67
Model 70 7.0 gpm, 90 psi Max, Manual Shut-off. 120 psi by-pass, 13 amps, 1.6 HP.
LD540035.jpg LiquiDynamics 540035 Double Tap Bushing SKU: 540035 Price: $58.60 $48.83
Double Tap Bushing 2" NPTM x 1" NPTF w/ 3/8" return port.
LD950325.jpg LiquiDynamics 900325 T Strainer, 3/4 w/100 Mesh SKU: 900325 Price: $48.30 $40.25
Inlet Screen "T" Strainer, 100 mesh (150 micron), 3/4" NPTF
LD950002.jpg LiquiDynamics 950002 Foot Valve SKU: 950002 Price: $32.80 $27.33
1" Foot Valve
LD950020.jpg LiquiDynamics 950020 Mounting Bracket SKU: 950020 Price: $74.00 $61.67
Mounting Bracket for Viscomat Pump # 33250
GPI142100-02.jpg GPI L 5132 115/230V AC Oil Pump SKU: 142100-02 Price: $545.00
Use this oil transfer pumps one horse-powered motor to measure oil (up to 90 weight), waste oil, hydraulic fluid, antifreeze and non-flammable oil-based solvents. The motor is a UL recognized component and CSA approved. 8 GPM
GPI142100-03.jpg GPI L-5016 12 V DC Oil Pump SKU: 142100-03 Price: $975.00
Measure oil, waste oil, hydraulic fluid, antifreeze and non-flammable oil-based solvents with this lightweight, rugged GPI oil transfer pump. This pump has a one-year warranty. 4 GPM
GPI142100-01.jpg GPI L 5116 115V AC Oil Pump SKU: 142100-01 Price: $545.00
Rugged half horse-powered oil transfer pump that measure antifreeze, non-flammable oil-based solvents, waste oil, and hydraulic fluid. This GPI oil transfer pump has a one year warranty.
GPI118000-9.jpg GPI P-200-2UR 12V DC Oil Pump Price: $660.22
This is an easy-to-install oil transfer pump that can measure thin to medium libricants up to 30 weight oil. This oil transfer pump is CSA Certified and comes with a two-year warranty.
GPI118000-9.jpg GPI PA-200-2UR 115V AC Oil Pump SKU: 118003-11 Price: $786.00
Measure oil (up to 30 weight) petroleum based products, thin to medium lubricants with this GPI oil pump. This pump is CSA certified and has a two-year warranty.