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Remanufactured Gas Pumps and Dispensers

We offer a complete line of remanufactured pumps and dispensers, in both mechanical and electronic versions. All of the top manufacturers are represented here with their most popular pumps. What makes our remanufactured pumps and dispensers different from the others? For starters, these are not just re-skinned and re-painted units. Remanufactured means these units are completely disassembled, cleaned, all major components such as pumping units, meters, computers or electronic boards are rebuilt. Electric resets are rebuilt or replaced.
  • New LED Bulbs are installed on lighted mechanicals. All exterior stainless, and painted trim and dial faces are replaced. And yes, there is a fresh coat of paint applied to the interior. 1-Year Replacement Warranty on Mechanical Components, 90-Days on Electronics.
  • updated 1/29/18