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LiquiDynamics Bulk Oil Tank Systems

The "system selection guide" may be used to customize your tank systems, which are completely assembled at the factory and ready for introduction and air or electric power supply.
All tank systems include the following components to ensure that your system is ready for use:
  • Your choice of oval or bench tanks
  • Your choice of pump, 3: 1, 5: l or 115 VAC Electric (3: 1 pump standard)
  • 2" bung adopter (allows easy adjustment of pump height)
  • Suction pipe with foot valve
  • Air filter/regulator (not supplied w/electric pump)
  • Your choice of meter and control handle (LQ-200-RS standard)
  • Your choice of hose reel length (1/2" x 30' standard)
  • 1/2" x 2' oil jumper hose
  • 3/8" x 6' air jumper hose (not supplied w/electric pump)
  • 1/4" air quick coupler (not supplied w/electric pump)
  • Tank level gouge
  • Vented fill cop (lockable)

Systems are skid mounted (oval tanks) and protected by a heavy carton to allow easy handling and to ensure the system arrives at the customers location in excellent condition.
LDts20rt1.jpg Liquidynamics Bulk Oil Tank System SKU: TS-20-R30-ENQRA-T1 Price: $2,365.00
The TS-20-R30-ENQRA-T1 Base Tank System Shown includes the following.
  • Option 20 - 3:1 Air operated pump
  • Option R30 - 1/2" x 30' Hose Reel
  • Option EN - Electronic Non-Preset meter (K400)
  • Option Q - Quart calibration
  • Option R - Rigid discharge spout
  • Option A - Automatic Discharge Tip
  • Option T1 - 275 gallon Oval Tank 60"L x 27"D x 52"H
Build your own tank system from the options listed below:
Note: All Tank Systems are FOB Wichita, KS.