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LiquiDynamics - Grease - Control Valves and Meters

100454.jpg LiquiDynamics 100450 Grease Meter Control Valve SKU: 100450 Price: $496.54

The compact and lightweight design of this metered control handle allows it to be used in place of normal, non-metered, grease control handles. As with any grease control handle it may be fitted with your choice of flexable or rigid discharge spout and and either a straight or "Z" swivel at the inlet.

The Greaster incorporates both a resettable batch total displayed in ounces, and a non-resettable cumulative total displayed in pounds.

Why use a grease meter? Under normal operating conditions the amount of grease dispensed is highly variable due to various factors such as pump size, efficiency, plumbing diameter and length, type of grease, ambient temperature and line restrictions to name a few. With the Greaster Meter you can now be assured of the amount of grease that is actually dispensed, regardless of the system operating conditions.

100450.jpg LiquiDynamics 100460 In-Line Grease Meter SKU: 100460 Price: $377.31
Low flow capability In-Line Meter for grease applications at working pressures up to 7,800 PSI. A re-settable LCD display indicates oz. (weight) of grease dispensed and a non re-settable cumulative total in lb. Metering accuracy is +/- 3%, power is supplied by two 1N alkaline batteries, 1/8” NPTF threads.
12070T.jpg LiquiDynamics 12070C Grease Control Handle w/ Flex Spout Price: $94.69
Grease control valve with 12” flex hose and 4 jaw coupler. Inlet connection is 1/4” NPTF

3 Models Available

12072T.jpg LiquiDynamics 12072C Grease Control Valve w/ Rigid Tube and Jaw Coupler Price: $81.38
Grease control valve with rigid tube and 4 jaw coupler. Length of discharge tube including coupler is 6 1/2”. Inlet connection is 1/4” NPTF.
12073T.jpg LiquiDynamics 12073T Booster Grease Control Valve Price: $137.23
Booster grease control valve allows discharge pressure to be built up to 14,000 PSI by squeezing control handle. Includes manual relief valve to relieve pressure for easy disconnection from grease zert.
12085T.jpg LiquiDynamics 12085C Grease Control Valve w/ 6" Rigid Tube, 12" Flex Hose and 4 Jaw Coupler Price: $101.00
Shown with "Z" Swivel 12082TZ

Grease control valve with 6” rigid tube, 12” flex hose and 4 jaw coupler.

12001T.jpg LiquiDynamics 12001C Straight Swivel SKU: 12001C Price: $22.54

Straight Swivel with 1/4" male/female threads. This swivel allows free rotation of the grease control gun even when the system is under pressure.

12003T.jpg LiquiDynamics 12003C Z Swivel SKU: 12003C Price: $58.54

"Z" Swivel with 1/4" male/female threads. Allows free rotation of the grease control valve in all directions even when the system is under pressure.

UPDATED 9/1/21