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LiquiDynamics Bulk Oil Reel Systems


ldRS20.gif Liquidynamics Bulk Oil Reel System SKU: RS-22-R30-EN-QR-XXX Price: $1,283.00
Liquidynamics now has available a system that gives you the freedom to choose individual elements that make up a pump/reel/meter system. This allows you to take advantage of "system" pricing, while still allowing customization of your system to meet specific customer requirements.
The Pump System" Selection Guide" steps you through the selection process with the end result being a unique model number detailing your system configuration. Model RS 25 R40 ENQRA FR2 is shown at the left, it includes a 5: 1 stub pump, 40 ft. hose reel and an electronic meter with quart calibration, rigid spout, auto tip and a 150 PSI rated filter regulator. System includes the following components :
  • Your choice of 3: l or 5: 1 pump (5: 1 pump standard)
  • 2" bung adapter (allows easy adjustment of pump height)
  • High pressure air filter/regulator w/semi-automatic drain
  • Your choice of meter and control handle (LQ-200-RS standard)
  • Your choice of hose reel length ( 1/2" x 25' standard)
Note: If you will be plumbing any of these systems with hard, rigid pipe, it is highly recommended to install a relief valve kit, model #540025. When using a stub pump, use relief valve kit #540025 in conjunction with 2" double tap, #540035.