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OPW 11B Pressure-Sensitive Automatic Nozzles W/ Splash Guard Price: $67.50
Features & Benefits
  • Two-Piece spout - The OPW spout offers the highest flow rates in the industry. Replacement Kits available from OPW.
  • Accu-Stop flow control - allows your customers to top off their tanks to the exact amount they want easy to stop gasoline flow precisely.
  • Low-profile aluminum body - light-weight, easier to handle, provides an attractive, image-enhancing appearance.
  • Unique Hands Insulators - OPW offers both a full hand insulator and a unique two-piece option. Protects both nozzle and vehicle, and insulates user's hand.
  • Hold-open rack is available for full-service applications - the one-hand control means easy setting to flow rate for customer convenience.
  • Duratuff lever and lever guard - for additional durability to protect against rough handling. Blocker on lever guard - to help prevent the nozzle from being jammed into open position with a foreign object. Listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. - for gasoline, diesel, 15% ethanol/methanol gasoline blends. UL and ULC Listed.
  • Low reliable shut-off - specially designed to ensure proper shut-off as low as 3 gallons per minute.
  • Exclusive two-stage lever assembly - provides a positive shut-off, even if held in wide-open position by user.
  • FlowLock - designed to shut-off automatically when the spout is tipped up, limiting spillage.
  • Design Working Pressure- OPW products are designed to work at 50 PSI (3.45 bar) maximum pressure.

  • Body: aluminum
  • Lever & Lever Guard: Duratuff
  • Packing: Graphite with Teflon
  • Disc: Viton
  • Spout: aluminum
  • Inlet Size: 3/4" NPT