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Cim-Tek Centurion IV High Volume Filter Housing (90gpm/337lpm) SKU: 40020 Price: $461.85
The Centurion IV has a tripple 2" npt filter housing with a replaceable elements for filtration of gasoline, diesel fuel, and fuel oils. The Centurion IV is designed for service stations, truck stops, and commercial high-speed dispensing applications. A nominal 10 micron element is recommended for gasoline and diesel fuels. A nominal 30 micron element may be preferred for heavier distillates such as diesel fuel and fuel oils. A nominal 2 micron element is available for greater filtration efficiency. Consult the factory for oil and methanol applications. The Centunon IV is not to be used with aviation fuels.
The maximum flow is 90 gpm/337 lpm. The maximum working pressure is 50 psi/3.4 bar The maximum differential pressure for HYDROSORB� elements is 25 psi/1.7 bar. The Centurion IV has an aluminum filter casting with 2" NPT inlet/ outlet ports designed for standard connections. A single bolt retains the casting. The 13-gauge stamped-steel housing is epoxy coated for strength and durability. The Centurion IV has a draincock in the bottom of the housing for easy drainage. The Centurion I, III, and IV utilize the same element measuring 4.5" in diameter by 9" in length. Replacement elements are available in tour media types in various micron ratings for all applications:
  • Particulate - resin-impregnated cellulose.
  • Microglass � a high-performance particulate removal medium with three times the dirt-holding capacity of cellulose.
  • HYDROSORB�II- a patented filter medium that uses fiberglass impregnated with a super-absorbent and laminated to a resin-impregnated cellulose filter paper. The water-holding capacity for one element is 540 milliliters or 18.3 ounces before flow restriction occurs.