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Richards Resnap Breakaway/Swivel
OPW 66SB-7575 Breakaway/Swivel - 3/4" x 3/4" Reusable "Re-snap" Breakaway / Swivel SKU: OP66SB-7575 Price: $122.93 |

Installed at the nozzle, this compact, lightweight breakaway incorporates 360 rotation at middle joint and at male end with breakaway portion at the opposite end. The snap-back protected valve readies the STTB for reuse while retaining U.L. listing and meeting the U.L. "567" requirements.
  • Replaces Standard Swivel, Breakaway and Spacer Hose
  • Reduces connections (leak point possi- bilities) from five (5) to three (3)
  • Easy Reconnect at Waist Height
  • Installs at the Nozzle Regardless of Dispenser Style
  • Advanced Snap-Back Spring Mechanism .Reusable: Meets ("56711 and retains U.L. & U.L.C. Listing after Recoupling
  • 360" Rotations at Middle Joint and at Male End
  • Double O-rings in Middle Joint and Male End
  • Eliminates Expensive Service Calls while Minimizing Down Time
  • No Repair Kit Needed