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TechScan TCS1470 Vertical/Near Touch Scanner Kit Price: $285.00


  • Video/CCD imager.  The scanning system is functionally identical to a solid state, one line TV camera.  There are no moving parts to wear out, break, or need adjustment.

  • The easy to hold design allows the user to scan in a wrist neutral position.  This design, along with the light weight of the scanner, reduces fatigue and repetitive motion injuries.

  • The scanner can be operated with a manual trigger, or in the autotrigger mode, providing operational flexibility to the user.

  • High resolution CCD imaging and advanced electronics allow the scanners to reliably read poor contrast and soiled symbols.

Dimensions (scanner only) 7.1"L x 3.5"W x 2.1"H
Weight (scanner only) 4.9 oz
Depth of Scan Field .6 typical (near touch scanning)
Width of Scan Field 3.2"
Scan Speed 62 scan lines per second
Scan Pattern Single scan line