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ESCO Trademark TMK-3000 Trademark Desktop Controller SKU: 941-061 Price: $500.00
Instructions for pricing the ESCO Trademark Intercom System
The ESCO Trademark Intercom system can be equipped for communicating to up to 32 wired speaker stations from as many as 16 Desktop Controllers. Two Desktop Controllers can communicate at the same time utilizing its two separate voice channels.
To price out an 8 to 16 speaker station system start from an 8 station system (941-0065).
To price out a 17 to 32 speaker station system start from a 20 station system (941-0066).
To increase the required number of speaker stations, add an appropriate number of 4 Speaker Station Interface Cards (941-0063).
Also add up to 15 Desktop Controllers (941-0061)
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escoSPK-1002.jpg ESCO SPK-1002 Economy Horn Speaker SKU: SPK-1002 Price: $34.00
Intercom speaker and paging horn.
escoSPK-1010.jpg ESCO SPK-1010 Impedence Matching Transformer SKU: 204-0080 Price: $43.00
SPK-1010 Impedance Matching Transformer-For Music Interface
  • Four flying leads for installation
  • Two mounting ears
  • Necessary when using external music input
  • Matches multiple 8 ohm parallel loads.
escoSPK-1001.jpg ESCO SPK-1001 Deluxe Horn Speaker SKU: 216-0003 Price: $59.00 button_add2.gif
escoSPK-1003.jpg ESCO SPK-1003 Stainless Steel Speaker/Call Box Switch SKU: 941-0006 Price: $136.00 button_add2.gif