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Remanufactured Veeder-Root VR-10 Computer Price: $944.27
The Remanufactured VR-10 Mechanical Gasoline Pump Computer provides transaction capability at prices up to $9.999-per-gallon and total sale capacity up to $999.99.
$392.85 Core Credit upon return of VR-10 or 2002E core exchange.
Your net cost is $551.42

SEMI AUTO RESET 776700-006 Standard Semi-Automatic (2 handle reset) For Bennett, Gilbarco, Smith, Universal Epsco, Southwest/Schlumberger and Dresser Wayne Pumps

THRU-SHAFT 776800-002Veeder-Root Electric Reset (Thru Shaft) For Bennett, Smith, Universal Epsco, and Dresser Wayne power reset pumps.

EXTENDED CENTER SHAFT 777000-001Extended Center Shaft (Gilbarco/Southwest)

TOKHEIM POWER RESET 776900-001 Tokheim Electric Reset.

TOKHEIM FULL AUTO RESET 776600-006 Tokheim Full Automatic (single handle reset)