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TOKPU.jpg Remanufactured Tokheim 448 Pumping Unit. SKU: TOK-448 Price: $678.00
$230.00 Core Credit will be issued upon return of like-for-like exchange unit.
Your net cost $448.00

Tokheim Pumping Units are available in 4 basic configurations.
apstok448_pu950.gifTokheim 1150 Old Style Pumping Unit
apstok448_pu1150.gifTokheim 1150 New Style Pumping Unit
apstok448_pu1250.gifTokheim 1250 Style Pumping Unit 1250 Dual-2, Fits Two Product Twin Pumps
1250 Single Pumping Unit1250 Single, Fits 1250 Single and Single Product Dual Pumps