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Cim-Tek 400 Series Gilbarco Spin On Filter Price: $150.08


  • The maximum flow is 25 gpm/93.75 Ipm. The maximum working pressure is 50 psi/3.4 bar.
  • The 400-10, a nominal 10 micron, is recommended for gasoline and diesel fuels.
  • The 400-30, a nominal 30 micron, may be preferred for heavier distillates such as diesel fuel and fuel oils.
  • The 400-02, a nominal 2 micron for greater filtration efficiency.
  • The 400 Series Spin-on Filters have a high-capacity 1" opening required for newer model service station pumps and Gilbarco Advantage Series dispensers.
  • The 400 Series Spin-on Filters are recognized by Underwriters Laboratories for use on service station pumps and high-speed dispensers.