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Veeder-Root $3.999 Upgrade kit for 2002E Computers SKU: 81010 Price: $25.37
Installation Instructions
These instructions are intended for use when the price per gallon exceeds the $2.999 limit of the VR-2002E computer. The $3.999 retrofit kit for VR-2002E computers is designed and manufactured by V eeder- Root Company. Note: Early production VR-2002E computers cannot be converted to $3.999 price posting. See Figure 1 to ensure that the computer variator section is equipped with the stud necessary for installation of this conversion kit.
Procedures in this manual must be performed by authorized and qualified personnel.

1. Turn OFF power to the dispenser.
2. For increased computer life, a simple computer lubrication procedure outlined in Service Bulletin 450 should be performed if 250,000 gallons or liters have been pumped. This preventive maintenance can be performed without removing the computer from the dispenser.
3. Remove the dial face mounting screws from front and rear of computer. Set the dial faces and screws aside.
4. Open the sliding band covering the computer variator section to gain access to the dollar drive shaft (Figure 1)
5. Remove the cotter pin that secures the washer and vertical pin on the dollar drive shaft (Figure 1).

6. Slide the washer up the dollar drive shaft, then remove the vertical pin that pins the two 18 tooth spur gears together (Figure 2). Save the vertical pin for future use in the event that the price per gallon falls below $3.00 or if the computer is fitted with a metric gearbox with price posting of $1.00 to $2.999 per liter.
7. Return the washer to its original position and install a 1/2 inch cotter pin through the dollar drive shaft.

8. Wipe dirt from the stud next to the dollar drive shaft. Install a 5/16 inch washer on the stud (Figure 3).
9. Apply a light film of grease to the inside of the compound idler gear and to the gear teeth. Use Anderol L-794 or L-795, Beacon 325, Aeroshell No. 14 or equivalent grease.

10. Install the compound idler gear on the stud with the teeth facing down (Figure 4.) Ensure that the teeth properly engage with the two 18 tooth spur gears on the dollar drive shaft.

11. Install the 5/8 inch washer on the stud, then secure the assembly with a 1/2 inch cotter pin (Figure 5).

12. Make sure that the price setting lever is set in the $2.00 position (Figure 6).
13. Remove all dirt and grease from front and rear dollar price posting wheels, or decal may not stick properly.

14. Remove the protective backing from the $3 decal, then position the 3 on the decal over the 2 on the dollar price posting wheel. Press the decal onto the wheel (Figure 7). Make sure that the 1 on the wheel is covered by the blank portion of the decal. Perform this step for front and rear of computer.
15. Install front and rear dial faces on the computer with screws removed earlier.
16. Close the sliding band that covers the computer variator section to keep out dust and other foreign matter.