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Cim-Tek 400MB Bio-Tek Ethanol Monitor Spin-On Filter Price: $206.56
Design Features:
  • 25 gpm (94.6 lpm) maximum flow
  • 50 psi (3.4 bar) bar maximum working pressure
  • 10 micron and 30 micron High Performance Microglass media designed for ethanol-blended fuels up to E15
  • Pre-Lubed Gasket standard
  • Filters high levels of contaminats while monitoring for phase separation
  • High-Flow 25 gpm... Perfect for split systems feeding two hoses
  • Recognized by Underwriters Laboratories (UL�) for use in service station pumps and dispensers
  • More than twice the life compared to filters using cellulose media
  • Ease of installation with our Pre-Lubed Gasket

Shrink Wrapped 12 to a Carton